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Cable Basics: Understanding Dynamic Load-Bearing Capacity

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Dive into application details to specifiy the right cable

olflex servo fd 796 cp

Choosing the best cable for an industrial application is one of the most critical design decisions of any complex automated system. That said, cable selection is often an afterthought and not given the time or respect it deserves. As the lifeblood of the system, cables and wires are vital to transmitting power and sending control signals and data across wide expanses in a timely and reliable manner.


Download our technical whitepaper for a closer look at some of the most important factors to consider when specifying industrial cable:

  • The physical forces acting on the system (Physical forces Push & pull loads, bending loads and torsion loads)
  • The importance of selecting the best cable material
  • Bending radius and stranding techniques
  • Installation tips